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Refugee Info Bus

Hundreds of people attend our charging and information sessions each week, and we supply thousands of cables and sim cards each month. We are committed to responding to this need and ensuring that people can stay connected.

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Who We Are

Since we started offering services to people living in the Calais Jungle camp in 2016, Refugee Info Bus has been providing phone charging and repairs, WiFi access and information to displaced communities on the UK-French border.

Why We're Here

A working phone is a lifeline for people on the move, who often arrive in France having gone weeks or even months without any contact with loved ones. With no phone or internet, there is no way to call family, or to contact a lawyer, or to connect with friends.


Even the most basic of tasks such as checking the weather forecast can be so important when sleeping rough, but without a phone or internet access, this becomes impossible.

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What We Need

The chaotic conditions in Calais means many people struggle to stay connected. As demand for our services continues to rise, we urgently need to increase our stocks and ensure we can keep our van and generator running. With winter setting in we’re determined to stay on the ground, providing a reliable and trusted service to displaced communities in Calais. Every donation helps us continue our work.

£10 = a small pack of phone cables

£20 = one new charging station, helping 30 more people use our service during each session

£50 = fuel to power our generator for around 45 hours, enabling us to charge 800 phones

£100 = new signs and info boards that provide users with accurate information on their asylum rights and real-time updates on support services in Calais

£200 = refurbishing our van so it can be an even better place for people to relax

£300 = new laptop and software to help us repair and reboot donated phones to distribute to people who need them

£500 = the cost of a gazebo, which keeps people dry when they use our services

£750 = 75 hours of translation services, so that we can provide more essential advice to members of the different communities

£1,000 = upgrading our charging stations, with more and stronger tables and benches, wireless charging plates and weatherproofed hardware

£3,000 = helping support our running costs for a month